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Recommended Reads: Contemporary Fiction

Recently, I think contemporary fiction has gotten a bad rep. People seem to think this genre is full of fluffy, easy-to-read romance novels for pre-teens. Either that, or a selection of mediocre books with pretty covers that are used to keep Bookstagram’s feeds looking aesthetic.

However, this generalisation couldn’t be more wrong! Instead, I argue the definition of contemporary fiction is ‘fiction based on plausible events that could happen to real people, in real life.’ This definition opens up the world of contemporary fiction far beyond the fluffy and inane, and leaves you with a long list of pretty profound and book-hangover-worthy reads.


Recommended Reads: Post-Reading Slump

I am currently working in a senior boarding school, and part of my role is getting the girls to bed in the evening. The girls aren’t allowed their phones overnight, and so when I go to say goodnight, many of them are reading.

Even if English isn’t their favourite subject at school, many of my students revert to reading for pleasure as a means of relaxation. And so, if you feel inclined to do the same, here are three of my recent recommendations.  

Some lockdown reading

As some semblance of lockdown continues to reign over the planet, a lot of people are still looking to spice up their lockdown activities. While you have absolutely no obligation to be sprucing up your life and having a lockdown soul-makeover, it is a good time to maybe read that book you’ve been putting off for months.

Allow me to recommend something for you!

As inspired by Leena Norms, I have taken the liberty of sorting you all into potential reader categories, so you can happily skip to the genre you think will fit you best.

Murder mysteries have long been a popular genre. Names such as Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes have made waves in popular culture, and the ‘who-dun-it’ is a well versed trope. This popularity ultimately means it’s increasingly difficult to write an original and exciting murder mystery.

Whether as a result of an original plot, well developed characters or shocking plot twists, these murder mysteries all have something going for them. Maybe you could pick one of these up if you’re looking to give your brain a bit of a challenge.

I am undoubtedly a summer person. I love the good weather, sitting in the garden with an iced americano and a book, while my dog chases imaginary squirrels. Is there anything better than an hour of peace on a sunny day?

If this is also your idea of a good time, here are some of the books I’m going to be living out this fantasy with all summer long.

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