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The ‘Musical Chats’ series brings classical musicians, jazz musicians, journalists and educators together to chat about all things music.

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The Musical Chats

Musical Chats with David Owen Norris

David Owen Norris is a world-renowned pianist, educator, Professor and broadcaster. I had the pleasure of interviewing David before he delved into Mozart’s Jupiter symphony with orchestra SÓN at Turner Sims on Saturday 14 March 2020. This concert included Jupiter, and Debussy’s Clair de lune arranged for piano and orchestra.

Musical Chats with Mark Lockheart

I got the chance to interview jazz saxophonist and composer Mark Lockheart ahead of his appearance at Turner Sims back in October. Mark and his band performed a reduced version of his new major jazz/orchestral work titled Days On Earth for jazz sextet and 30-piece orchestra. Make sure to check it out here.

Musical Chats with Mathias Eick

I got the chance to interview Norwegian jazz trumpeter Mathias Eick ahead of his appearance at Turner Sims back in October. Mathias and his fantastic quintet performed music from his recent ECM release Ravensburg – make sure to check it out here. We chatted about his signature sound, Norwegian Jazz and his writing process.

Musical Chats with Olcay Bayır

I got the chance to interview Anatolian singer Olcay Bayır earlier this year, before her appearance at Turner Sims was unfortunately cancelled due to Coronavirus. Olcay’s fantastic album ‘Rüya: Dream for Anatolia’ was released last year – make sure to check it out here. We chatted about the story of her album, traditional influences and how performances change from country to country.

Musical Chats with Carl Anka

Carl Anka is a London-born journalist and broadcaster, and is currently writing for The Athletic. He has written for BBC, the Guardian, VICE, NME, GQ and BuzzFeed among other publications online and in print and specialises in writing about pop culture, video games, films and football. We chatted about his listening habits, what inspires him and being a black man in journalism in the UK.

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Rosie is a freelance writer and BA Music student at the University of Southampton. She loves to dance in funky trousers, and hates to read about philosophy. If asked, she won’t stop talking about podcasts and how she’s learning Korean.

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