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I originally created The Rosie Word as a platform to engage with musicians and authors on their cultural output. It has since evolved into a hub where we talk about anything and everything cultural.

Rosie Sewell, Founder.

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“All you want right now is to disappear into
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Why you should watch gymnastics

Thanks to the coronavirus, our worlds have all been shrunk to the size of our houses. All forms of entertainment have been confined to our TV screens and book pages, and sport has vanished from the social sphere. Saturday morning muddy football matches, browsing independent bookstores, queues outside theatres and laughs over almond lattes with friends have all been brought to a resounding close.

Meet Rosie.

Rosie is a freelance writer and Music graduate of the University of Southampton. She loves to dance in funky trousers, and hates to read about philosophy. If asked, she won’t stop talking about podcasts and how she’s learning Korean.