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The Power of Ritual: Dancing Everyday.

Like many other university students, in March of 2020 I was uprooted from my nice, independent life and I moved back home. Cue National Lockdown.

As a rule, I keep myself very busy in term-time. I love being socially active, and I pride myself on how many plates I can spin at once. Once lockdown hit, this over-achieving, over-worked, perfectionist life I had built for myself came grinding to a succinct and resounding halt. I was at home, I had nothing to do, and sitting alone with only my thoughts and Tiger King to entertain me became mentally challenging very quickly.

Some lockdown reading

As some semblance of lockdown continues to reign over the planet, a lot of people are still looking to spice up their lockdown activities. While you have absolutely no obligation to be sprucing up your life and having a lockdown soul-makeover, it is a good time to maybe read that book you’ve been putting off for months.

Allow me to recommend something for you!

As inspired by Leena Norms, I have taken the liberty of sorting you all into potential reader categories, so you can happily skip to the genre you think will fit you best.

Why NCAA gymnastics should be your lockdown viewing

Thanks to the coronavirus, our worlds have all been shrunk to the size of our houses. All forms of entertainment have been confined to our TV screens and book pages, and sport has vanished from the social sphere. Saturday morning muddy football matches, browsing independent bookstores, queues outside theatres and laughs over almond lattes with friends have all been brought to a resounding close.

Despite this social standstill, there are loads of ways to stay culturally engaged thanks to the phenomenon that is the internet.

Summer reading preview

This summer I am once again taking on the challenge of trying to read one book every week! There is nothing better for expanding your imagination and challenging your mind than reading, and to celebrate this, here is a preview of some of the exciting books we are reading over the summer.

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