Language Learning Jealousy: Get Your Head in the Game.

Every YouTube video, blog post or book I’ve read about language learning says that the biggest hump you need to cross over is getting confidence in speaking. I’m someone who suffers stage fright, even when performing something I know I’m good at. So, as you can imagine, beginning one-on-one Korean conversation classes with a nativeContinue reading “Language Learning Jealousy: Get Your Head in the Game.”

Music & Grief: “I Got A List Of Songs I Can’t Listen To”.

My family suffered a bereavement in the past year, and it has been a strange, multi-faceted eight months since. I won’t be going into the intricacies of the event. But, one thing I have found over the past year, is that grief feels insurmountably isolating sometimes. This is not a new fact or feeling. InContinue reading “Music & Grief: “I Got A List Of Songs I Can’t Listen To”.”

Confronting Perfectionism: The Anxieties of Language Learning

As a musician, excellence has often been demanded of me. From a young age, I entered exams and festivals, and was marked on how close to perfection I could play a piece. How well could I express an emotion that would make the audience laugh or cry? How fast could I play a piece withoutContinue reading “Confronting Perfectionism: The Anxieties of Language Learning”

Why NCAA Women’s Gymnastics should be your Lockdown viewing.

Thanks to the coronavirus, our worlds have all been shrunk to the size of our houses. All forms of entertainment have been confined to our TV screens and book pages, and sport has vanished from the social sphere. Saturday morning muddy football matches, browsing independent bookstores, queues outside theatres and laughs over almond lattes withContinue reading “Why NCAA Women’s Gymnastics should be your Lockdown viewing.”